Class Act Dry Hopped Boysenberry Sour

Together with 2019 Brewery of the Year, @kpubrew, the Rookie of the Year, @ilesauvagebrewing, and @bcbeerawards, we brewed Class Act.⁠

Class Act uses Boysenberry, Amarillo Lemon Candy hops, and a new hop blend, HS-1228 to create a dry-hopped sour that is loaded with flavour.⁠

The massive HS-1228 and Amarillo Lemon Candy dry hop additions provide deep pineapple, mango, and lemon aromas, while the boysenberry adds a bright red hue and juicy fruit flavours.⁠

Malts and hops were generously donated by Brewers Supply Group, yeast and sour culture come from Imperial Yeasts, and packaging was provided with the help of Vessel Packaging Co. ⁠

Proceeds support Diversity in Brewing, an initiative that works to improving diversity in the brewing industry through scholarships for self-identifying BIPOC and/or LGBTQ2S+ students. ⁠

4.2% ABV / 5 IBU

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