Our Beers

We don’t like goodbyes so we’re saying ‘see you soon’ to these great beers that aren’t currently pouring but could come back at some point…

Berliner Weisse


Gato Fruta


Kia Ora Kiwi Wit


Paloma Gose


Paloma Gose




Our beerhall has 8 taps pouring BREWHALL Beer Co. directly from our brewery tanks. We also have 473ml cans available for purchase at our downstairs bar every day from 11:30am–11pm (these are for off sales only and cannot be consumed in our beerhall).


Our cans are also available at select liquor stores throughout the province. Check out the map to find out where BREWHALL Beer Co. is closest to you!

Our Brewery

We are dedicated to awesome beer. Our passion is bringing people together and sharing ideas which is why we put a large focus on collaborations. We work closely with our partners and push the boundaries in brewing innovation, making beers that are loaded with BIG flavours: juicy IPAs, bright sours, fruit beers and everything in between.

Our on-site brewery features a 10-barrel system with 6 fermenters, 8 serving vessels and 2 bright tanks. This allows us to have a variety of small-batch beers, available using a direct draft line from the serving vessels straight to our beerhall’s draft system. We call this TANK TO TAP and are proud to offer the freshest beer possible.


Want to know how the fresh beer you're drinking is created? Here's a snapshot of the magic that happens in our BREWLAB

#1: Milling

We crush the grain to expose the starch.

#2: Mashing

Water mixes with the crushed grains, causing the starch to convert to sugars. sugary liquid = sweet wort.

#3: Boiling

Sweet wort is transferred to the kettle and brought to a boil. Hops added = bitter wort.

#4: Cooling

Bitter wort is transferred through a heat exchange, cooling the bitter wort down on its way to the fermenter.

#5: Fermentation

Yeast is added to the bitter wort where it converts sugar into alcohol CO2 and other flavour compounds.

#6: Drinking

Once the beer carbonates in the serving vessel, it is brought straight to our taps. It doesn't get much fresher than that.