Our People

Kerry Dyson – Head Brewer

Kerry is BREWHALL Beer Co.’s Head Brewer and lives up to his nickname, Kerebear. He is a fun-loving guy who loves all things fermentation but not as much as he loves his Boston Terrier, Astro. Believe it or not, Kerry’s secret power is that he doesn’t get hangovers, which is particularly useful in this industry. It might happen one day and that cumulative hangover could very well kill him, but until that day, he continues to use his superpower for good. This will come at less of a surprise – Kerry is known for horrible jokes and here’s proof: ‘Why don’t oysters share their pearls? Because they’re shellfish!’

Our People

Kyle Nelms – Sales Representative

Kyle has lots of fun spreading the good word about all the great beers we’re making at BREWHALL. When he’s not rolling around the city telling anyone who will listen about the latest release, you’re most likely to find him enjoying the Northshore mountains or a beach with his family and their teeny tiny terrier Rudy.

Kyle runs mostly on coffee and good vibes, but definitely knows his way around a smash burger.

Despite being from an island, Kyle cannot swim so if you see him near a body of water, please remind him to wear a lifejacket.

Our People

Pat Ryan – General Manager

Pat is our General Manager. When he isn’t at work, he enjoys checking out the local food and craft beer scene, riding his bike, playing golf, or doing a combination of all three.

Although Pat is a sucker for a good time, you won’t catch him dancing at work like many of his coworkers. He is not a dancer and particularly dislikes it when people try to force him to dance. Pat is not a puppet.

Pat is a big proponent of turtleneck Thursday’s at the hall and loves chatting with regulars and creating new ones. Come down and say hi! Just don’t ask him to dance.

Our People

Rob Maisey – Head Chef

Before Rob began his food journey, he couldn’t make an egg and a staple meal was microwaved cheese quesadillas. He no longer owns a microwave.  When he’s not cooking up a storm in the kitchen, he’s making cool house music and playing video games.

During his downtime, Rob loves a night in with his cats, even though he’s highly allergic – always has been, probably always will be, nevertheless, the cats are staying.

While his favourite things about his job are the friendships, banter, and people, they think he makes one too many dad jokes. When we asked Rob’s coworkers what they would say about him, they laughed (there may be a deeper meaning here, Rob.)

Our Products


Our beerhall offers a full menu that uses fresh and local ingredients with an emphasis on made-from-scratch product. With a balance of addictive, casual comfort food and healthful, modern meals, we offer affordable food that is nutritious, wholesome and nourishing. Whether you’re sharing or indulging solo, there is something for everyone.

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BREWHALL is a place to let your inner child play and explore. Choose from 22 taps of fresh beer, 8 of which are made on-site, or try the latest cocktail creations from our upstairs DRINKLAB. We also have over 50 types of whiskey including flights that are carefully curated.

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We are committed to environmental stewardship and care about the impact our brewery and beerhall have on our planet. Our location was built with over 80% of reclaimed/recycled materials, we source locally where possible, eliminate single-use plastic and paper waste and use high-efficiency lighting and equipment. In addition, our on-tap beverage system significantly reduces our carbon footprint and eliminates bottles and packaging from entering our landfills.


Our passion for supporting local does not stop at food and beverages. Our beerhall features a museum-grade collection of art, highlighting Canadian artists, with a further focus on British Columbia painters, sculptors and photographers. We are proud of our growing collection, which includes works by Dina Goldstein, Carla Tak, and Yorke Graham to name a few. You’re invited to explore the space and check out the incredible work from these esteemed and emerging artists.