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We are looking for people who give a sh**

We believe that people who really care do it better. If you love all things hospitality and want to be part of reshaping the social experience in Vancouver, we invite you to join our tribe.

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What is a Brewhall?

brew·hall · noun | ’brü,’hôl

a craft brewery and food hall bringing the community together with fresh beer, tasty bites, fun games, bumpin’ beats, and great vibes

Our Craft Brewery

Our brewery brings fresh, local beer directly from Tank to Tap. We focus on collaborations and pushing the boundaries on small-batch product development. 8 of our 10 tanks run directly to our food hall taps and 2 are used for cans and kegs.

Our Food Hall

Brewhall is your third space – a place you go when you’re not at home or at work. Where you gather with family and friends (both old and new) to try something different. The communal space was created to bring the community together and showcase the best of the West Coast.

In the heart of Brewery Creek

You can find us at 97 East 2nd Ave. in the heritage Opsal Steel Building in Brewery Creek (Olympic Village). Our brewery has large windows so come by to see what’s brewing until we’re open. You can also visit our family at Tap & Barrel until we open.

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