Group Project Fresh Hopped Kolsch

Mount Arrowsmith, Backcountry, and the BC Beer Awards

Group Project is a fresh hopped Kölsch brewed as official beer of the BC Beer Awards. Using German malts donated by Brewer’s Supply Group and locally grown fresh Lumberjack hops provided by BC Hop Co, this beer has a profile of fresh melon, grass and fruit, along with a clean bitterness and floral aroma. Yeast is provided by Imperial Yeast, and we have chosen to use “Dieter” a traditional German Kölsch strain. Altogether, Group Project is a refreshing and clean Kölsch style beer with a clean malt backbone and bright aroma.

SPECIAL NOTE: Proceeds from the sale of this beer will be allocated to a newly established grant for students enrolled in Simon Fraser University’s Craft Beer and Brewing Essentials Program, aptly named “The BC Beer Awards Starter Kit.”

5% ABV / 23 IBU

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