Our Beer


We are dedicated to awesome beer. Our passion is bringing people together and sharing ideas – working with our collaborative partners and pushing the boundaries in brewing innovation. We make beer that is loaded with BIG flavours: juicy IPAs, bright sours, fruit beers and everything in between.

Our 10-barrel system with 6 fermenters, 8 serving vessels and 2 bright tanks, allows us to have a wide variety of different beers available using a direct draft line from the serving vessels straight to the draft system. We call this TANK TO TAP and are proud to offer the freshest beer possible.

Our Signature Series

A lineup of crushable beer created in our BREWLAB by Head Brewmaster Kerry Dyson and Assistant Brewer Greg Pratt.


This 100% Citra pale ale is low on alcohol content but full on flavor. Aggressively dry hopped, tropical pineapple, passionfruit and tangerine aroma is bursting from this hazy refreshing pale ale.

4.5% / 35 IBU


Finishing dry, this Saison has a subdued spice and fruit character. Hopped with Loral hops to provide light lemon fruit, spice and floral aromas, this refreshing beer has some peppery spice notes along with a dry finish.

5.6% ABV / 36 IBU


Pouring a cloudy gold, this IPA is dry hopped with Simcoe and Citra hops, giving it a bold tropical fruit aroma and a clean, resinous bitterness. Light malt character is balanced by the vibrant, juicy hop flavour.

6.2% ABV / 45 IBU

Our collaborations

A lineup of unique products created in our BREWLAB with our brewery partners – because great things happen when people come together! Check out these unique Collabobeers...


Collab with Doan's
This clean lager is made with 22% rye, giving it a spicy character that adds a bit of complexity to the malt build. Loral hops add to its spicy character and provide a slight fruitiness.

5.4% ABV / 30 IBU


Collab with Parallel 49
This sour comes out tart and refreshing with those cherry cola vibes. It was brewed using Kola nut, cinnamon, star anise, and orange peel in the kettle to extract the cola character while both vanilla and cherry juice were added into the serving vessel.

4.8% ABV / 7 IBU


Collab with Beere
A full body, pithy bitter beer with huge grapefruit flavour and aroma. Amarillo dry hops add a tangerine and mandarin citrus character, with the centennial hitting that grapefruit aroma character.

7% ABV / 12 IBU


Collab with Brewery Creek Brewer’s District ( 33 Acres, Brassneck, Electric Bicycle, Main Street, R&B, Faculty, Red Truck)
Brewed in collaboration with seven of our Brewery Creek neighbours, we added 8 different hop varieties to this IPA to create a complex mix of spice, fruit, tropical and resinous aroma.

6.5% ABV / 45 IBU


Collab with Twin Sails
This massive, punchy imperial IPA was aggressively dry hopped with Amarillo, Citra and Simcoe. It has deep, resinous, tropical notes and a ton of body behind it.

9% ABV / 65 IBU

Tank to tap

Want to know how the fresh beer you're drinking is created? Here's a snapshot of the magic that happens in our BREWLAB

#1: Milling

We crush the grain to expose the starch.

#2: Mashing

Water mixes with the crushed grains, causing the starch to convert to sugars. sugary liquid = sweet wort

#3: Boiling

Sweet wort is transferred to the kettle and brought to a boil. Hops added = bitter wort

#4: Cooling

Bitter wort is transferred through a heat exchange, cooling the bitter wort down on its way to the fermenter.

#5: Fermenting

Yeast is added to the bitter wort where it converts sugar into alcohol CO2 and other flavour compounds.

#6: Drinking

Once the beer carbonates in the serving vessel. It is brought straight to our taps. It doesn't get much fresher than that.